eCommerce Analytics

Grow your business faster with eCommerce analytics

Track the metrics that matter and grow faster with advanced eCommerce analytics

Your eCommerce business will only be as good as your online store. How do you get the most out of your investment? Track your results with eCommerce Analytics. Weebly has everything you need built into one integrated dashboard: store performance, email engagement, referral traffic and much more. Weebly eCommerce analytics have the essential tools for accomplishing your growth.

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Everything in one place

Quickly see what's working
Even the most detailed eCommerce analytics won't tell you much if the data isn't readily available and presented in context. With Weebly, you have an integrated dashboard of insights for a bird's eye view of everything from website traffic to email marketing and sales performance. Just click on a category to learn more.

Actionable SEO reports

Find out how search engines bring customers to your digital door

Weebly sites and stores are built to be found by search engines such as Google and Bing. And yet Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an iterative process. To do it well you've got to have a consistent stream of eCommerce analytics. Download and install MarketGoo at your store and you'll get a monthly audit that shows how your store's traffic, technical SEO, content, mobile, speed, social features support your growth ambitions. Get a comprehensive look at up to 50 store pages with each report.

Fine tune email marketing with Weebly Promote

Optimize your message to find the right people at the right time

Email marketing may still be the most effective way to prompt a purchase, but not all email marketing is equally effective. Weebly eCommerce analytics pulls in data from your Weebly Promote campaigns. Track new contacts, total contact, unsubscribes, emails sent, unique visits and sales from emails. Everything you need to sharpen your pitch.

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Stay current with every new page and product

Real-time statistics to help your store achieve peak performance
Weebly eCommerce analytics are available whenever you're ready to experiment. Just publish your site and then go into the Site Editor — all traffic, sales, and marketing activity is updated in real-time, as you build. You'll also find detailed stats on most visited pages, search terms and referring sites. No more flying blind. Weebly keeps you up-to-date so you can focus your efforts on putting the right products in front of the right audience.

Identify your top products

Compare sales data to find the source of your profits
Weebly tracks your sales vs. orders as well as the page views that went into an order and the percentage of page views that led to a purchase. A products subpage goes even further to add details on everything in your inventory. Which product is generating the most orders? Which is generating the most revenue? Weebly eCommerce analytics has the answers to these questions and so much more.

Focus your promotions

Track abandoned shopping carts and reclaim lost sales
Get back sales before they get away! With Weebly eCommerce analytics you can track the performance of automated emails sent to customers who abandon their shopping carts. That way, you can try a variety of different strategies and quickly find out which approaches work best for reclaiming revenue before it's lost for good.