eCommerce Marketing

Grow your business with powerful eCommerce marketing tools

Improve conversions and grow your sales with integrated eCommerce marketing tool

A good eCommerce website will take your business to new heights. To build on that momentum you need a good eCommerce marketing strategy and the tools to support it. Weebly has everything you need. Between email marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and on-site engagement tools such as gift cards and coupons, your Weebly store comes with the essentials to support sustainable growth.

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Integrated email marketing with Weebly Promote

Boost engagement and turn prospects into customers

Email marketing is still, by far, the most effective way to prompt a purchase. In fact, the average return on $1 spent on email marketing is $43, in sales. Weebly Promote makes email marketing simple with templates and customization features, while also integrating directly with your Weebly eCommerce site editor. Launch a sale, showcase new products or let your loyal buyers know what's coming — all from the same console you already use to manage your website.

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SEO features built-in

Help search engines deliver customers to your digital door

Every Weebly-powered website is designed with search engines in mind. Every product page and content page is optimized to rank for the keywords that best reflect your products. Or you can tailor your eCommerce marketing approach with additional SEO fields in the Weebly eCommerce site builder. For example, you can manually add crucial metadata such as title tags to every product page to signal to Google and Bing what you're able to offer customers willing to click over to your store.

Optimize your outreach

Leverage data to learn when and how to best reach customers

Every sale says something about your store and the customers who frequent it. Using eCommerce marketing with Weebly Promote, you'll get suggestions for how to engage customers based on your history. We'll even automatically create a ready-to-send email when you add a new product, category or coupon code to your store. Customers stay informed so your sales pipeline never runs dry.

Create branded store gift cards

Sell to customers even when they aren't ready to buy

Sometimes customers aren't ready to buy your latest offerings. Instead, they're waiting for your next great product. Or maybe you've hit a lull and new customers are suddenly tougher to come by. Don't let the idle time kill your sales; take the pressure off with custom branded gift cards. Weebly's gift card platform makes it easy to design and showcase a variety of different gift cards for every purpose.

Customize your message

Engage your customers after the sale to generate new sales

Use Weebly Promote to add beautiful designs and inject personality into your billing messages. The process is simple: set up your templates, input rules for when emails are to be delivered, and then sit back and watch customers re-engage. Weebly Promote automates everything else.

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Boost sales with coupons

Give customers reason to keep coming back to your store

Sales work best when customers know to expect them. With the intuitive coupon builder, you can host sales as often as you'd like. Run a site-wide promotion or target a handful of products. Either way, effective, shareable coupons can dramatically improve your eCommerce marketing, and Weebly makes them easy to create.