Product Search

Help visitors find items on your site with product search

Most visitors come to an online store with the intent to buy an item. Product search makes that easy.

An online search field is like a salesperson or shopping concierge for website visitors. Including product search fields throughout your website design will make it easier for users to find what they are looking for, increase time on site and even increase conversions. One-third of online shoppers will use search if it is available, according to Ornaith Killen, a researcher for Econsultancy, and those shoppers are more likely to make a purchase.

Weebly's search field is easy to add – just drag and drop – and provides immediate results for visitors looking for items. The search box will match your custom website design and you can even exempt certain pages from search results to make more user-product matches.

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Powerful filtered product search

Give shoppers a faster way to find exactly what they want
Highlight the most relevant products so customers can filter results by attributes like price, color, etc. Filtered product search helps you maximize exposure across all of your inventory and create more buying opportunities.

Add product search to multiple pages

Include a search field in the header for easy access
The search box can be dragged to multiple pages just like other Weebly elements. If your theme supports it, you can also activate a search box in your site header using the Design Elements section.

Search like Google

Users can enter a word or phrase
Weebly search is intuitive and works like common search engines. Use just enter a word or phrase and get immediate results. If the search finds no match for the query, a simple message lets customers know that no results were found.

Search converts shoppers

Suggested results can increase conversions

Showing search suggestions on the results can help your customers find other products of interest. About 25% of shoppers will click a suggestion provided on a results page.

Search captures variety of content

Results are quick and accurate
The Weebly product search function searches all parts of your website design to bring back accurate results. It reads the text content in paragraph, title and eCommerce elements, plus page names, descriptions and keywords. Search also looks for words in photo captions and alt tags to bring back relevant results.

Search matches your style

Customized search design
The text on search results pages automatically matches your website design and uses your global font settings. That way search pages look like part of the overall shopping experience, not an add-on page, and is unique to your business.