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Calculating tax for online purchases is significantly more complicated than in person sales. Your digital customers can be anywhere, introducing a number of variables into sales tax formulation. Fortunately, the sales tax calculator determines the proper tax rate for every customer automatically. The calculator handles important sales tax rules like origin-based versus destination-based locations and additional rate requirements determined by zip code. This means you can focus on your business instead of researching tax rates for every digital customer.

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US sales tax calculator

Simple setup and automation
If your business is located in the United States and you’re shipping products domestically the calculator automates everything you need determine sales tax rates. Enter your business address, shipping address (if different) and any other business locations you may have. The sales tax calculator will cross-check your business location with the location of your customer to determine tax. There’s no need to manually enter tax rates, but you can still conduct manual tax setup using customizable state and local rates based on zip code.

Canadian sales tax rates

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If you’re located in Canada or ship to Canada, the calculator pre-populates the Canadian country tax rate and then any additional compound or replacement taxes charged by the province or territory at the destination. For example, if you ship to British Columbia, an extra 7% is added to Canada’s 5% tax rate.

International sales tax

Handle tax rates around the world
If you’re located or shipping outside the US and Canada you can setup manual tax rates based on country. You can add the tax manually in Weebly’s intuitive manual tax interface and sell to an international audience. All you need to do is enter the country tax rate and tax name and you’re ready to start selling globally.